Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Do You *Do* All Day?

Sometimes, when people ask me if I have a 'day job' and I answer no, I can see the unspoken question floating in their head: how does someone who works from home -- as a 'writer', no less -- fill the hours, day after day, on their own?

Truth be told, it was something I struggled with when I first quit my daily slog of a corporate job. I still had a part-time job -- the thought of not going out into the world to do something was too scary at that stage -- but the hours would sometimes stretch out before me like a desert to be crossed. I'd sit at my desk in the morning, with no colleagues to chat with, no coffee to make, and no emails to ignore, and stare at the blank screen. With only me to motivate myself, work became harder than ever.

Now, two years later and more than a year since I stopped 'working' altogether, I often wonder where the day has gone. While in the beginning I often found it very hard to concentrate, now I can sit and write for much longer periods of time without heading to the kitchen to snack -- or, heaven forbid, checking my Twitter. I'm more productive and while I still have my 'off' days, the hours are no longer as scary. They pass by even faster than when I was in the office, and they're infinitely more enjoyable.

It's taken two years, but I think I've finally trained myself to sit in a chair and write. Sounds easy but it's one of the most difficult things I think I've ever done!


Theresa Milstein said...

My days fly by! Writing, blogging, laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, and errands take up a lot of time.

That's great that you're in a place where you're getting published and can write from home. Congratulations!

Jan Morrison said...

I have a bunch of different things that I do to make money. The one that people relate to as a 'real' job is my psychotherapy practice. I also write for govt. projects and have a murdery mystery company. And I write. I'm writing for potential money I suppose but no one believes that but me. I don't need them to. I can keep the faith. But my writing times are sacred and they do fly by. I love it - don't you? This crazy life we've chosen?

Ellen B said...

Someday I hope to be in that position Marsha - I can imagine it was scary at first but I'm glad it's working well for you now!

Marsha Moore said...

Thanks all for your comments! I am lucky to be able to write from home - without the day job. I think that's why I try not to waste time... I know I'm in a fortunate position.

And boy, do I love this life, as hard as it can be at times! I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.