Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weird British Things

(Before I start my list, let me clarify that these are the things I found weird when I first moved to Britain -- and still do, in some cases. I'm not saying Brits are weird for doing these things.)

Mince pies at Christmas - Can anything be more disgusting than horrible stodgy pastry stuffed with squished raisins and dates. Blek.

First-class and second-class post - Seriously, what is with that? Even the post must be sorted according to class?

Windows without screens - Leaves can blow in! Bugs can circulate! Windows need screens!

The Queen owns it all - Even if you buy a flat (in London, anyway), after 999 years it reverts back to the Queen.

No tax! - Now this I love. OK, there is tax, but at least it's rolled in to the price.

Tell the cabbie where you're going before you get in - Once you're in, they can't refuse your fare so you need to flag them down, then lean through the window and then tell them where you want to go.

More to come in future posts!


Karen Sosa said...

Actually, it's often a good idea not to tell cabbies where you're going until you're inside precisely because they can't refuse you. Most cabbies are a good lot, but some get quite fussy about where they do and don't want to go (no short distances, no hinterland suburbs...), which can be really aggravating. I guess you're more cabbie-friendly than am I! :)

Kim said...

Don't get me started on mince pies and all the disgustingness that goes with them. I don't think the British realize that there are OTHER Christmas treats besides mince pies! When I worked in Bristol we would get an email everyday that someone had brought in mince pies. At least I didn't gain any weight due to Christmas treats in the office!

A Heron's View said...

Mince pies need the tops lifting off and a large dollop of Devonshire Clotted Cream
put on top of the mince. The bain't be nothing like it m'dear.

A Heron's View said...

Pss't Did you forget to mention about the USA driving on the wrong side of the road ?
Ha 'ha ha' ha' ha'