Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Day After

Well! What a great launch day; lots of exciting things going on! Great entries below (congrats to Brit in Bosnia); some nice reviews; and most exciting of all, seeing my book on the shelf!

While I trotted up to Notting Hill Gate (where I'd hit up the manager previously) to see my book, the lovely Prospera Publishing team headed over to Daunt Books in Marylebone and Standford's in Covent Garden. And here's what they found!

Daunt Books. I love how my book is blocking out the one behind it!

Squeezed in but holding its own at Stanford's.

(My book was on the shelf at Notting Hill Gate Waterstone's, too, but I'm too lazy right now to download the photo.)


'Cross the Pond said...

Congrats! Fabulous. You should put copies of your book on the paid tables up front - no one will know you did it! I do it for clients all the time.

Marsha Moore said...

Ooh... great idea; I love it! I am going to do just that. Thanks!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Congrats! Love the pics. :) Cheers~