Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Remember, Remember, the Fourth of November

I was going to blog about the Fourth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot and all that. But when I doubled-checked Wikipedia, I was reminded - as all good Brits know - that Guy Fawkes Day is actually the fifth of November.

So. I'll write more about the fifth of November on the actual day (and yes, I know that today is actually the third but I was going to cleverly tie my book launch into it... ah well). And I'll leave you with a little reminder of my own: if you want to enter my contest to win a copy of my book (see sidebar), email me your entry at marshawrites@gmail.com before 5 pm GMT tomorrow.

And please join me at some point tomorrow during my 24 Hour Twitter Marathon!

Have a great Third of November!


Morgan Mandel said...

Happy 3rd of November to you also!
It still is for an hour and a half over here in Illinois.

Morgan Mandel

Marsha Moore said...

Thanks Morgan!