Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let It Snow

Look closely... those white streaks are what's known as snow, a rare occurrence in these parts.

While it's nothing like last February's snowstorm, today's flakes were enough to send Londoners (and me) into our own flurry of excitement. Twitter was awash was tales of 'it's snowing in Westminster!' and 'it's coming down in Barnes.'

The view from my window.

I've obviously been away from Canada for awhile, because I was excited too. I'm not snow's biggest fan, but when it's almost Christmas it does have a magical effect.

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Yunaleska said...

We were quiet at work, so me and my colleague sat by the window, watching the snow fall about. She's a snow child, her native land has lots of snow. Me, I kept looking at her going 'no! let the snow stay OFF the road!'. It can snow everywhere but on the road. :D It was cool. Especially while eating a giant muffin.

Considering how infrequently it snows in the south of England, today was fun!