Monday, April 27, 2009

WAG #9: Banoffee Pie Horror!

The assignment:

Choose an unfamiliar object (in other words, one you have no history with) that strikes you as beautiful, appealing, or somehow desirable etc… some ideas might be: a child, a sunset, an attractive shop window, a scenic view, a piece of art, an appetising meal in a restaurant… and write about it in such as way as to make it unappealing or even disgusting, frightening or repulsive to your reader.

My attempt:

It sits on the table, mocking me with its very presence. Squidgy bananas, soggy loaf and stringy, finger-sticking toffee -- who was the sicko that came up with that laughable combination? Its roundness is comically perfect, like a drop of goo flung onto a surface, thick enough to hold its ground. The cardboard-coloured cream icing, sitting rancidly atop, jealously guards its spoiled treasure.

Never have I detested banoffee pie more.


Nancy J. Parra said...

Interesting yuck! Was it easier or harder for you than last week?

Marsha said...

Hi Nancy!

I think it was harder - mainly, because I really love banoffee pie!

Nixy Valentine said...

I do too! Mmmm, banoffee... I even love the name.. it's so delightfully ridiculous.

I will say the word 'rancid' spoiled my appetite though!

Gunnar Helliesen said...

Never tried banoffee pie, now I'm not sure I ever will.. Seriously, nicely done in few words, impressive!

Chris said...

I've never heard of this, and after this discription I really never want to.

Gross piece but well written.

Iain Martin said...

I wonder if coffana pie would fare any better : )) You've certainly nailed the "disgusting" part of the assignment, Marsha.

J. M. Strother said...

OK, you made me go out and find out what banoffee pie is. While your description of it certainly makes it sound God-awful, the pics I found look oh so tempting. You certainly succeeded in the assignment - made something one would expect to be lovely into something disgusting. Thanks. I think? ;)

Peter Spalton said...

Banoffee pie, looks disgusting as you described so well. But when you get the courage to pop a spoonful into your mouth...wonderful.

Lovely use of descriptives Marsha.

Anonymous said...