Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WAG #6: Overheard

In all the excitement of last night's UFO, I forgot (gasp) to do my WAG! This week's assignment was to write about a conversation you overheard.

The following conversation takes place between a young couple, standing on top of the Pillow Mound and staring up at White Horse Hill. They have strong Essex accents (think Vicki Pollard but from Essex) and disgruntled expressions.

Man (shielding his eyes): Is that it?

Woman: That bloody well better not be it.

Man: We've been had. That's not a horse. That's a bleeding squiggle.

Woman: What the F$&^? It looks like a McDonald's logo.

Man: Stupid Iron Age.

Woman: Maybe they had different horses back then?

Man casts Woman a withering look and they toddle down the Mound.

Man (half-way down the Mound): I wonder if they had beer?


Nixy Valentine said...

LMAO. Stupid Iron Age indeed!

I loved this one. You live in such an interesting place!

Criss said...

Hmm... was this "overheard" or was it spoken, by you and The Man? :P

Very good conversation. "Maybe they had different horses back then?" Bwahaha!!!

Mickey said...

Funny! When I travel I sometimes have to catch myself before I say something really dumb that the locals will hear.

Nancy J. Parra said...

LOL funny! and so very real, isn't it?

J. M. Strother said...

Oh, you so pulled at my heart strings with this - probably not the reaction you would expect. We did our honeymoon in England/Wales/Scotland and tried to hit as many iron age sites as we could.

We missed White Horse somehow. I'm afraid my wife's reaction would have been similar to these two. I would have enjoyed the hike if nothing else. For me there were never too many staircases - never one mound too far.

The woman is a saint, to put up with me. ;)

Lulu said...

Very funny post. I think I've overheard similar conversations in the States, various native burial grounds and my town's local Civil War battle site.

However, and I may get stoned for this, I realize - after numerous trips to England I made my first pilgrimage to Stonehenge last spring and kind of felt the same way.

Don't hold it against me - I really liked your post!

Anonymous said...