Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Gotta Have Faith... and Chocolate

A lot in writing is about having faith -- in yourself, that you'll be able to finish your novel; in your writing, that it'll get better with practice; and in your ideas, that they'll come together in the end.

I am editing my third novel now and while I'm excited about it, I often ask myself if it's good enough. The answer: Who knows? Writing is such a subjective thing that while one person may love it, another may hate it. The only thing to do is to push through any self-doubt towards the feeling of accomplishment when you finally finish and you're happy with the end product -- regardless of what others may think. Easier said than done!

I've found both chocolate and wine to be of assistance in overcoming self-doubt. I'd be interested to hear what gets other writers through!


Nixy Valentine said...

Part of what helps me is that I've set an overall benchmark for when I'm *allowed* to get discouraged. So, I tell myself.. okay, Nixy, until you collect 50 rejections on this piece, you're not allowed to moan and gripe.

So then when I get a disappointing answer to a query, for example, I can say.. oh.. well.. I only have 4 rejections, and I did get 4 requests for partials, so yanno, shutup Nixy. LOL

When that doesn't work I go outside. I forget about this strange foreign land called "Outside", but it is pretty magical.

Having friends helps. I'm glad you're one of mine!

Marsha said...

Aw... I have warm fuzzies! I'm glad, too - expat writers in the UK unite!

I like your benchmark idea. I think I might use that one! And yes, you're right about the outside world. I think I need to take advantage of that more! :)

Nancy J. Parra said...

Chocolate, wine, friends- that's how I make it through. I agree with Nixy- sometimes going outside helps...also, oddly enough so does looking up- I mean physically looking up. Wonder if that's why the saying came to be...