Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rejected

A group of seven British novelists has just launched The New Romantics to champion the genre of romantic fiction. As I drooled over the jackets of their published novels, I thought about how many groups there are for published authors, while all of us unpublished writers -- languishing away in the nosebleed section of the bleachers -- watch from the sidelines. Yes, there are lots of great books for inspiration and brilliant blogs such as Miss Snark's First Victim. The Romantic Novelists' Association even has a New Writer's Scheme for aspiring writers.

But oh, how nice would it be to meet up with other writers, also getting rejections in the daily post? To have a drink or two in the company of people who feel your pain when your year-long toil meets with the 'Sorry, but we're not enthusiastic enough' response? Sure, partners can be supportive and friends sympathetic, but only those undergoing the same plight can truly understand.

So, as a bit of self-indulgence, I propose the following.

1. The group will be named 'The Rejected'.
2. To be a member, you must have been rejected at least twenty times.
3. You must have written no fewer than two novels and remain unpublished.
4. As soon as you are published, you forfeit your membership.
5. Once a month, members will meet and set fire to all rejections received that month.
6. Any positivity will be kept to a minimum and is strictly frowned upon -- the sole purpose of the group is to wallow in the agony and pain of rejection, hopefully producing a cathartic result.

Anyone up for membership?


Lorraine said...

I think I'll set up a rival group called 'The Pre-Published' where we constantly remind ourselves that the published writers are the ones who didn't give up and positivity is encouraged!

Perhaps people could switch between the two groups depending on their mood???

I'm just editing a manuscript to send off to the RNA's new writers' scheme but having a crisis of confidence and wondering if I've got time to complete a new ms to send in instead. Are you an RNA member too?

Nancy J. Parra said...

To heck with being positive. I would love to join "the rejected"- rejections hurt and wallowing for a small time is the perfect way to motivate you back to the work.

Marsha said...

Positivity is nice, but I agree with Nancy - sometimes you just have to embrace the awfulness that is rejection, wallow in it for a bit and then you're ready to move on.

Lorraine - yup, I'm an RNA member. Still deciding which MS to send in! Have you gone to any of their meetings? If so, are they useful?

Deniz Bevan said...

oooh! I'll join! wouldn't it be great if we all got published and had to disband? :-)

Deniz Bevan said...

btw, I found you off Nixy Valentine's blog - lucky you to have left Canada for England :-) I'm still stuck in Montreal but hope to make it to the UK someday soon...