Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just One Hour

Smitten by Britain recently held a competition to win a few copies of my book (thanks, Melissa!). Her question for entrants was: 'What would you do in London if you had just one hour?'

The answers were so great I decided to steal them for my own blog! Here are a few:

I would rent a helicopter and have them fly me over London for an hour so that I could take in the entire city from a pigeon's point of view !

I would make sure I was there on a Sunday so I could go to Speaker's Corner, after which I would go to the National Museum (I've never been and I've always wanted to), followed by a play at the Globe Theatre (the season starts after Shakespeare's birthday in May), and finish with a look at Big Ben and a pub dinner.

Kensington Roof Gardens! Its owned by Richard Branson and is THE most amazing place. We spent an hour there on a whistle stop tour last month and we loved it. If we didn't have a guide we would never have known it was the name suggests, it's on top of an 6 or 8 storey building!

What would I do in an hour? Only an hour? Oh my gosh, I don't know how this little Canadian Country Mouse could possibly take in all that history, culture, and beauty in just an hour! I would either find the largest memory card for my camera and run around taking pictures of everything and everybody and then look and drool over the pictures in the comfort of my own home, or, more than likely I would spend the time in the Natural History Museum. Sigh.... heaven.... even if it was just an hour. Thank you for making me day dream!

Oooh I adore london! If I only had an hour I would go to the Borough markets and eat myself silly, then sit by the river and people watch while I digest all my amazing food. I have family in London and have visited there several times, but never, ever get sick of it. After Sydney, it's probably my favourite city in the world!

I would stand in the middle of Waterloo Bridge and take it all in. I can't believe I used to complain about that walk every morning before I moved to the US. It's breath-taking!

Living there anyway, I know that a free hour in London usually means sitting on the tube trying to get somewhere! I always like a walk through Petticoat Lane market in the Middlesex Street area. Best done on a weekend when it takes over multiple streets.

I would go to Rigby and Peller in Knightbridge and be fitted for a perfectly fitting, beautiful new bra or two, then stroll into Harrods food hall and smell all the wonderful aromas and buy a sinfully decadent pastry or some truffles.

I'm probably boring, but I absolutely love Charing Cross and its old bookshops, so I'd spend some time in the second hand book shops before bowing between the throne that is Foyle's!

Only 1 hr? I'd probably spend it the way I spent my first hour there - take the tube to Baker Street and wander around Regent's Park to enjoy the roses in bloom. ...Or maybe I'd grab a milk chocolate chunk shortbread and canned pimm's & lemonade from M&S, wander around St. Pauls and cross the Millenium bridge over to bankside for a quick stroll past the Tate, Globe, etc.

I have never been outside of South Africa, so the first thing I would do when I get to London, will be to go to Madam Tussauds and kiss Lady Di's cheek! I watched her wedding, cried when she died and would love to see what she looked like in real life! I would then walk the streets of London to look at all the old buildings in wonderment! Our country's oldest building, the Castle in Cape Town, was built only in 1666, so I really would like to see the architecture of the older buildings. Then, if I still have time, I would run to see the Rosetta Stone and Leonardo's paintings!

And Melissa recently gave me the Superior Scribbler Award (thanks - again!), which I shall now pass on to five other bloggers:
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