Wednesday, November 4, 2009

24 Hours in the Life of a Cyberspace Celebrity

This whole '24 Hours in Your Neck of the Woods' was inspired by a hilarious post by Michael Harling called 24 Hours Horsham. Equally funny (although slightly delusional, if I might add) is the post by Michael below.

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10am: Wake up. Send manservant to check the post and download the receipts for the week. It’s not as much as last week so you’ll have to scrape by with only £746,837, but in these hard economic times everyone has to tighten their belts.

11am: Sooth aching ego with a brunch of caviar and French champagne.

12pm: Gather lackeys and head for the stables to check on the polo ponies. Engage in pick-up game with lackeys. Make sure they let you win.

1pm: Have servants fill Olympic-sized bathtub with scented water and rose pedals. Invite a few “special” lackeys to join you.

2pm: Snack on canap├ęs and brie on the east portico. Have servants release the hounds to keep gawking admirers at bay.

3pm: Off to your private golf course for another golf lesson from Tiger Woods.

4pm: Write Pond Parley article.

5pm: Show article to lackeys. See to it that they laugh hysterically. Fire those who do not.

6pm: E-mail article to Toni; she’s not busy, she can post it.

7pm: Take stretch limo to Brighton for private dinner at the Brighton Pavilion. Have lackeys follow in a bus.

8pm: Leave Brighton for London. Don’t forget copy of 24Hours: London.

9pm: Hunt for ghosts with London Paranormal:

10pm: Naked disco dancing at Starkers ( ) with “special” lackeys. Send others out for a kabab.

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By Michael Harling

And that's it! Hope you all enjoyed reading the entries as much as I did. Thanks, everyone. Coming up next... the winner of the draw!

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