Thursday, December 11, 2008

How's the Writing Going?

Nothing strikes fear into my heart more than this question. The Man, a film director who's been editing his feature film for the past two years, has lots of practice answering this kind of question and has schooled me to answer: 'I'm currently working on various projects all in different phases of development.'

But while this may work in the film world, in my world it inevitably leads to a furrowed brow and the follow-up question: 'So do you have a published book yet?' To which I sigh and explain that NO. I do not. And I do not even have an agent, the first step to even getting published. And YES, I have tried. I add here with feigned cheerfulness that I have now been rejected about twenty times, and usually the questioner abruptly ends their line of interrogation.

I have to admit I naively thought it would be easier, too. But I am realising that much of writing is about practice. I'm on my third novel and I have a long way to go as a writer before I may even get an agent. I started out as a journalist, and I thought that would give me a head start. Now, I'm thinking it may actually be a hindrance. It's taken me almost a year to tear my mind away from reality and get my head around the fact that its OK to use my imagination. And I'm loving it!So... the writing is going well. Great, even. But the publishing? Well, that's a question that will remain unanswered, perhaps forever.

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