Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Kensington

Londoners cannot compete with North Americans when it comes to decorating their homes for Christmas. But the understated lights and shop-window decorations have a festive air all their own.

**I should preface the following photos by saying that first of all, my phone takes rubbish photos at night (always easier to blame the phone). But secondly, I am the world's worst photographer. I can never keep my hand steady! So I apologize for the quality of the forthcoming shots!**

The Churchill Arms. Delicious Pad Thai!

Front window of &Clarke's, Sally Clarke's deli. Delicious, delicious goodies inside here and my favourite - Monmouth Coffee.

Window of one of the many antique shops on our street.

The only house with Christmas lights in our neighbourhood!

Wine shop around the corner from our flat. This is why we drink so much wine!

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Edward said...

These photos are certainly helping me get into the festive spirit. :)