Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The X Factor

Another September, another season of the X-Factor. It's the UK version of American Idol (except Simon's a lot nicer). Every year I watch the progression of hopefuls through to the climax, and every year I cry while watching.

My cynical self knows - and is annoyed - that every contestant seems to have a tale of woe. A broken home, a childhood chock full of bullying, a loved one whose dying wish was for so-and-so to audition. And yes, the parade of people braying 'I want this so bad' does get irritating.

But every year there is one story that stands out, one contestant guaranteed to make me bawl (it's the Susan Boyle factor). This year, it's been Scott, a 21-year-old autistic man who didn't leave his house for years. Watch the clip here.

(I wish I had something more interesting than television programmes and adverts to blog about but really, that's about the extent of my extra-curricular activities right now!)

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