Thursday, September 24, 2009

Into the Jungle

Amazon certainly named their site well. It is like a jungle out there.

I've spent the past few weeks or so making forays into the foliage, trying to understand how the Amazon rankings work. And the answer? There is none. Books rise and fall, seemingly on a whim. The top sellers may stay put, but those mid-list seem to be at the mercy of... aliens? Intelligent ants? Who knows?

I need to put together a plan of attack; something to navigate the jungle.

If anyone's charted the route, please hand me your map!

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Kit said...

I know what you mean! I've gone from 2,500 up to 100,000 and everywhere in between. Even a couple of books sold make a difference. Best advice I can give is not to worry about it. Amazon rankings don't mean a thing, although the reviews are great to have. Good luck with it all! From one writer to another xx