Thursday, September 17, 2009

Autumn without the Dread

It's definitely autumn now in London. Leaves are turning that boring shade of brown, the skies are grey and the park is emptied of its summer tourists.

Back in Canada, Fall (Autumn, whatever) was not one of my favourite seasons. I loved the vibrant oranges and reds; I loved the smell of dried leaves and that crunch underfoot. But I did not love that a long winter of ice was crouching around the corner and that I wouldn't see leaves again for another six months.

In London, though, I know that long winter isn't waiting. There's no snow, no ice. I can run outside all year round without freezing the hairs in my nose, and the grass here stays green. Spring will start mid-February and by the first of April, the trees will be sprouting. I can enjoy Autumn without having to brace myself for what's coming.

Bring on the brown leaves! Bring on the grey skies! Bring on Fall in London.

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Nancy J. Parra said...

You're lucky! I live close to so I get the winters you used to get. Cheers!