Thursday, September 3, 2009

24 Hours: London - The Promotion Begins!

As I may have yammered on about a few thousand times or so, I have a book coming out! 24 Hours: London will be available UK-wide on October 30, 2009, and in Australia and New Zealand just in time for Christmas!

So is this just what the world needs, another guide book on London? Well... yes! This is a different take on London -- an around-the-clock guide to what's on, when. Awake at five? How about some outdoor fishing in the heart of the city. Want to climb a castle? You can do that, too. Or if you can't sleep, head on over to East London for a 24-hour beigel shop.

Intrigued? (Please say yes!) Well, every day until the book launches on October 30, I'll be posting a top tip on a dedicated blog to the wonderful city of London (and of course my book)! Click here to go there! You can follow the tips on Twitter, too. And please head over to the 24 Hour City Guides Fan page on Facebook (because right now I have only one fan - me!).

And don't worry, I'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting. I've added your 24 Hrs London blog to my blogroll.

I was only aware of the 24 hour bagel bakeries as I happen to live in East London, I was not aware of too many other things that can be done at all hours.

Best wishes with the book!

Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations Marsha!

Andrea said...

Hey Marsha, your book sounds really interesting! Will you be having a launch event for it?

Andrea xxx

PS You might be interested in my blog too

Marsha Moore said...

Hi Sharon!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I'll try to give you some cool tips although as you live in East London, I expect you can give me quite a few! I love East London.

Thanks again!

Marsha Moore said...

Thanks for your congrats, Deniz. I hope we get to launch it in Canada - and maybe I'll make a stop in Montreal (my favourite city in Canada!).

Marsha Moore said...

Andrea, I just checked out your blog. What a great idea!

Thanks for your kind words about my book. I think we'll have a launch for it, yes - I'll keep you updated! :)

Criss L. Cox said...

Congrats on the book! So, I take it this will be a series (since the FB page is 24 Hours: City Guides)? Will you be writing the other cities (I'm assuming more fun cities in the UK)?

Congrats again! The FB page looks awesome! :)