Thursday, January 7, 2010

Writing in the Big Freeze

I've got nothing but a mind full of blankness today, so I thought I'd share this hilarious post with you, by writer Alison Wells. It addresses the challenges of writing at this frozen time -- you know, blankets, frozen fingers and such.

Click to read!


catdownunder said...

Would you like some of our 42'C heat? Swap you from some cold weather!

Megs - Scattered Bits said...

Thank you for sharing this link! Had me rolling again. (Methinks you have a talent.)

Christine Coleman said...

Thanks for posting this , Marsha
I've just left a comment on Alison's site. (Ilanded here via Nicola's e-party

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me on your blog Marsha, its a real honour to be chosen. And once again I would like to commend the intrepid souls who brave the elements and risk exposure to share their words with the world. What tribulations go unseen!

All the best!


Marsha Moore said...

My pleasure, Alison! I loved the post. And Cat, please send some of the heat this way!

Dave said...

We’ve still got loads of snow in Oxfrodshiree and we’ve had a couple of power cuts too. We had one today which tripped the switch on our fusebox and we didn‘t notice. So when the power came back on for everybody else, ours didn’t. It was still light so we had no way of knowing anybody else in the street had electricity. Then it started getting dark and all these lights started going on around us. I thought it was quite funny, but no else seemed to when they realised they had been shivering for hours for no reason.