Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swap It!

There's more to Windsor than the Queen. The legendary Scott Pack is starting a new monthly literary event: The Book Swap. Here's his description:

Our first night is on Thursday August 20th at 8pm. Tickets are £5 and are on sale now! The Book Swap will be a regular monthly literary event taking place at The Firestation, a lovely arts venue in Windsor. Hosted by myself and novelist Marie Phillips, it will essentially involve us sitting down on a sofa with a bunch of guests from the world of books and chatting about, well pretty much anything. The emphasis is very much on getting to know the authors so rather than having them read from their books we will engage them in banter about all manner of other things - music, cake, gossip - and hopefully it will end up a rather endearing, if chaotic, night for all concerned.

Oh, and then we have the book swap bit. Everyone who comes along is required to bring a book with them, one they don't want any more. During the evening they will get to swap it for another book, ideally one they do want.

For more on location and directions, click here to go to Scott's original post. What a brilliant idea, and if I can entice myself out into the wilds beyond London, I'll be there.

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