Friday, March 27, 2009

Leaving London - For the Weekend, Anyway

London has a way of sucking you in, like a giant Hoover whose grip you can't break. With everything so readily available, you tend to forget there's a world outside the greater London area - a world with trees! Cows! Sheep! People who don't need to wear make-up to go to the delicatessen where they'll pay £10 for some organic bread!

This weekend, the Man and I have decided to flee the city and head for rural Oxfordshire - about an hour's drive away (however, as The Man is from Cairo and drives like it, for 'normal' drivers, it may take twice as long). We are both firmly city dwellers, but with my semi-rural roots, I often long for open spaces and greenery that isn't cultivated to within an inch of its life.

We'll spend the day in Oxford and then head to our luxury bed and breakfast. If the weather holds, we want to do a cycling route around the Ridgeway, an old Iron-Age trek used during ancient times.

Wish us weather luck! Have a great weekend - see you on Monday.


Kristy Colley said...

This is me. Being jealous.

MikeH said...

Have a great time; Oxford is wonderful. Hope you see some sheep ;)

Nancy J. Parra said...

Oh- have fun! Take and post lots of good pics. Cheers!!

Nixy Valentine said...

Have a lovely time, Sprinkles! I will miss you!

~PakKaramu~ said...


Pak Karamu reading your blog