Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday - To Me!

I know it's in poor taste to wish yourself happy birthday. But I figure hey, it's my birthday and if ever there was a time to self-indulge, it should be now. So - Happy Birthday to Me!

Before you ask - I'm 35. It's hard to believe I'm (almost) on the wrong side of the thirties! Ten years ago, I was working in Montreal as an editor at a medical publishing company. Now, I'm trying my hand as a writer in London. In between, I worked in Ottawa in PR; moved to Poland to teach English; completed a Bachelor of Education; moved to London and fell in lurve; taught at a school near Heathrow... and recruited teachers to this lovely land of Hope and Glory. Busy years!

But as schmaltzy as it sounds, I've never been happier than right now: Struggling through the angst and frustration of trying to get published, and spending my days creating stories and characters. What could be better?


Kristy Colley said...

Bad taste? Psh. Happy birthday!

Criss said...

Happy B-day!!! :D

What a fun and well-traveled life so far!

(Word verification: clogen. Is this an omen that your next move will be to Holland?)

Marty said...

Happy Birthday to you... I "lurve" reading happy thoughts!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Oh- Happy birthday! Great life story. Thanks for letting us know it is your big day.

Hope it is fun filled and many, many more happy returns!

Old Ladies Driving said...

You're definitely on the right side of 30!


Happy birthday from The Old Ladies!