Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sorry, Madam, No Nightwear Permitted!

I couldn't help laughing when I read this article recently, which stated that a Tesco's grocery store in Cardiff had banned all shoppers from wearing slippers and pyjamas whilst shopping.

According to the BBC, one of the pyjama-clad shoppers responded:

She said she had been "popping in for a pack of fags," but if she had been doing a full shop "then we obviously would have gone in clothed".

"But we only wanted fags and they still refused us to go in for a pack of cigarettes," she added.

The article made me remember my step-daughter's assertion that shopping in central Liverpool with curlers in your hair (in preparation for a big night out, naturally) was becoming a fashion, along with fuzzy slippers and pyjama bottoms. I have to admit I was slightly doubtful at the time... but not anymore!


Mike said...

In some ways it is worse in North America, well America anyway. Check out

You'll want to look away, you'll NEED to look away, but you can't look away.

Elle said...

I live near Cardiff and this story was pretty big here. All because some stupid woman wanted to shop in her nightwear. Apparently lots of the rough folk like to do that, because they're too lazy. Pretty much everyone who commented on the story slated her. Too right.

If you can get up and drive to Tesco, why the HELL can't you spend the SECONDS it takes to pull on a pair of jeans or trousers? WHY WHY WHY go shopping in your PJs? What's the problem?

Sometimes people confuse me.

KarenG said...

Oh, yes, people go out in pajama bottoms all the time in the U.S. Especially teenagers and twenty-somethings. And I remember when my mom wouldn't go to the grocery store without wearing a dress and lipstick. We've come a long way, baby. I guess.

Ann said...

Funny! It is quiite amusing to see what some regard as acceptable attire! Makes Hida of Coronation Street looked positively formal in her curlers with the cigerette butt hanging out of the corner of her mouth!!!LOL

BucksWriter said...

I lived in America for some time (in the deep, deep South) so I thought I was mentally prepared for the people of walmart website mentioned by Mike - I was wrong...

Still, on the bright side we can all feel fabulous now!