Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 Hours Paris Trailer

I know I said I'd have a proper post today. But, well, I lied (but not on purpose, so that doesn't count... right?). Anyway, I've been busy cobbling together a book trailer for 24 Hours Paris, to be released in May. There was no way we could fit in all the lovely Paris locations in our short trip, but I hope you enjoy what we could get on film!


Fabienne said...

I can't wait to rediscover my city with your guide. So exciting.
Is it going to be published in French as well as English?

Jon Paul said...

Cool flick! Looks like a fun trip.

Thanks for the follow BTW. :)

Ann said...


Marsha Moore said...

Thank you all! It was fun to make. Fabienne, I think it will be in French - eventually!