Sunday, March 15, 2009

London Springwatch

Today is 14 C and sunny. It truly feels as if spring is on the way! The Man always makes fun of my enthusiasm for spring, but after you've lived through Canadian winters it's hard not to be excited at any hint of greenery. London trees flower much sooner than Canadian ones, and he's getting a little sick of my 'Look! The trees are coming out!' cries -- not that it stops me.

Flowering trees on the way to Portobello.

We woke up this morning to brilliant blue skies and decided to walk to Portobello Road, where The Man needed to pick up the finalized soundtrack for his upcoming film. It was still early and the stalls-owners were just starting to unpack their white vans. After picking up the DVD from the small mews where the studio was located, we grabbed a quick coffee (more later on an interesting character we encountered) and then meandered through Kensington Gardens on our way back home.

Kensington Gardens.

First lemonade of the year by the Serpentine Lake.

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Nancy J. Parra said...

Thanks for the great pics- no flowers here yet...