Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday - Not to Me!

Nothing comforts me more than friends joining me in my current age. One week after turning the tender age of 35, my best friend J has her birthday -- today! We met in Grade Ten biology class and forged a friendship through the gruesome dissection of worms, mussels and Herman the Crayfish.

J and me in Berlin, a trip infamous for Italian dentists, cigarillos and grumpy Polish taxi drivers.

J on her trip to visit me in Wroclaw, Poland.

Despite the fact that we've never lived in the same city for longer than four years since Grade Ten, we've somehow managed to stay friends across continents and through boyfriends who have come and gone.

Our empty glasses at Tate Modern during J's recent visit to London.

I feel blessed to have such an awesome friend in my life.

S0 -- Happy 35th Birthday, J! (And yes, I had to put the age in!)

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