Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

I'm back! The vacation was glorious, but it's good to be in my other home -- London. We flew in early Friday morning and after paying a £600 fine and picking up the car at the Chelsea pound (don't ask), we settled back in to our London life!

It was great fun touring around the Maritimes (Nova Scotia and PEI, anyway) and everywhere we went, The Man kept exclaiming: 'It's like a different country!' The last time he went to Canada, it was covered in snow and -40 C, so fair enough!

There's something very endearing about showing your partner from a completely different culture the customs of your homeland. From ceilidhs and run-drinking to lobster-eating and sea shanties, I can definitely say The Man now fully appreciates Maritime culture. I'll leave kissing the cod and Newfoundland for another visit!

In Websplash news (I've changed it from Blogsplash since I want to also incorporate Facebook and Twitter), I'm now up to 298 people participating! With two months remaining, I might just makes my goal of 1000. You can join the Facebook Event Page here, read the recent Websplash email, or sign up if you haven't already. All you need is a blog, a Facebook page or a Twitter account!

And now, a couple more photos...