Monday, June 7, 2010

24 Hours Paris - Reader Reviews!

Only two weeks after the launch of 24 Hours Paris and reader reviews are starting to roll in! Here's a few of the notes we've received. Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy and reviewed it!

And I've broken over 100 followers (Jen was my 100th)! Thank you all for reading and following along over the past year and a bit -- I really appreciate it.

Received the book within five days and have read it cover to cover twice. Highlighted everything I want to do. That would take extending our travels however! But my list is certainly looking different than it was a few days ago. I'm sure this trip to Paris will be so distinct from my previous visits because of you. I will be back to you upon my return and report. Thanks so much for all your research. I will certainly recommend your books to anyone I know traveling to London and Paris.
-- Marcy Eisenberg, USA

What a fun, intriguing book! I've been to Paris only once. However, I shall return. Soon. I'll have 24 Hours Paris with me.
-- Rosemary Henley

Whether you are passing through, staying awhile or starting a new life, there are some books about Paris that are a must and this is one of them. You may have been before, you have searched online as what to do, you have asked friends, STOP. This book offers the alternatives to the regular "things to do in ......" Yes, it still offers the best places to eat, drink and see but it also offers a quirkier side to this amazing city. This book will take you that little bit further under the skin of this great city. 24 hours is never enough in Paris, but if that's all you have, then what a 24hrs you will have. Already in the bag for the next visit. A great book for every type of visitor.
-- Mr MJ Blades, New York

Paris is, unfortunately, a city I seem to end up in while 'just passing through'. Be it on the way to the Disney resort, or stranded there while waiting for a connecting flight to India. On both occasions, we just 'did the sights' I wish I had this book back then. Pocket sized (essential!) and easy to flip through and set out in sections relating to the time of day, you simply turn to the hour you're in and voila, instant suggestions for places to visit and eat. Most of them are quirky, interesting and different, there are plenty of places to visit for the whole family during the day-light hours along with more unusual haunts for the more adventurous (sewers and sex shops anyone?). In short this book allows you to get the most out of a city at any hour of the day, perfect if you're passing through or spending a long weekend. Looking forwards to seeing what city Marsha tackles next!
-- Fenschwing, UK