Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WAG: First Time

This week's WAG theme is 'First Time':

Everything we’ve ever done had a ‘first time’. Think of an activity (either of your own or something you observe of someone else) and write about the first time of that experience, and perhaps even compare it to subsequent experiences. Maybe even pick a moment that might have looked mundane from the outside, but made a significant change to the person experiencing it. Not a lot of rules, as usual… just let your imagination flow!

My eyes bulged and I gasped, mouth open like a panting dog. I flapped my hands in the air, trying to summon the Arctic winds to quell the volcano erupting inside of me. Streams of lava seared my throat and flowed through to my stomach, bubbling gleefully inside me. My tongue darted out to wet my lips, setting them on fire. The was one thought, and one thought only my frantic brain could form. I would never, ever eat Scotch Bonnet peppers again.

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India Drummond said...

Heh... I like this!

I'm not a fan of overly hot things, but I admit I giggle at people who eat them and then can't handle it. Bad me!

Matthew Rush said...

That was fun. Thanks Marsha!

Ann said...

Passing on the peppers sounds like a good plan!

Miss G said...

I thought it waas going to be Scottish whiskey burning your mouth off - I'm sure my first taste of alcohol felt similar!

SueO said...

Waaaahahahaha! Very good. Got a lot into a little paragraph! Nice.

Girl Fren' said...

Hilarious, Marsha. I'm in the American southwest where plates, jars and bottles of this stuff is routinely on the table. I'm a wimp throwback.

That paragraph was FULL.

Marsha Moore said...

Thanks, all! Scotch Bonnet pepper is painful!

Caroline said...

Very cool! Don't think I've ever had Scotch Bonnet pepper but I've certainly had similar experiences with other things I didn't like!

Mel said...

Ouch but did make me smile, loved all the imagery and I will not be eating peppers!