Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Island of Lopud

Before I get clogged in the routine of life on this island, I have to tell you about another island where life couldn't be more different from the UK if it tried: the island of Lopud, in Croatia. Although it's not exactly undiscovered --tourists from Germany, Scandanavia (oddly), Britain and France clutter its shores -- it is far away from the ugly concrete resorts that usually line such wonderful coastlines.

After scoffing down our first breakfast as husband and wife, The Man and I caught the Gatwick Express to Gatwick, hopped on EasyJet (remarkably on time and hassle free) and arrived in Dubronik a short two hours later. As we drove along the coast to our water taxi, we couldn't believe our eyes: the water and mountains gleamed in the setting sun, lights dotted the undulating shore, trees speared up into the glowing orange sky. Darkness fell and our driver wended his way down the hills to a small beach lit up by one light. Waiting for us was our speed boat and driver, Tomo. We jetted off towards what looked like a dark lump crouching in the water... with me wondering where on earth we were going and hoping some life (and wine) existed there!

We rounded a rock and the small settlement curving along the coast met our eyes. A monastery stood guard on one side, and houses rose up the side of the hill as if they had been planted there. Nothing moved on the main promenade; there were no cars and the only sound we could here was the low hum of the engine. Pure bliss.

Our penison, booked with little knowledge of what it actually looked like and with a lot of fervent prayers it would turn out to be alright, was a short walk from the boat, up a narrow stone staircase. As we made our way between the orange, banana and fig trees, the cloying smell of leaves, damp earth and something like lavender filled our nostrils. It was more than alright. It was paradise.

And the rest of the island did not disappoint. Stellar sandy beaches, clear blue water, great restaurants and friendly residents who refused to take payment from us for drinks, etc, when they found out it was our last day on the island.

Who could ask for more?
Getting there: EasyJet flies from Gatwick to Dubrovnik in about 2.5 hours. From the port in Dubrobik, Lopud is served by a ferry four times daily.
Sleeping: We stayed in Pension Tomic; great accommodation at a fraction of some of the other hotel prices on the island. They even gave us a free jug of wine on arrival! Transfer and booking arranged through i-reception.
Eating: Obala, Terasse Peggy and Konoba Dubrovnik were some of our favourites, along with our daily breakfast from Hotel Glavic.


Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations! My sister's wedding was the same day (in Montreal) and you both lucked out with great weather!

Marsha said...

Thanks Deniz! It was indeed a great day. Happy your sister's wedding was nice weather, too.