Monday, June 22, 2009

The Great Drinking Debate

Today I'm over at Pond Parleys (thanks for the invite, Toni and Mike!) debating drink. Head over and join in the fray!

Here's a taster (no pun intended!):

It's my first week in London. Straight from the Canadian hinterland (otherwise known as the country's capital, Ottawa), I saunter into a pub for my first real night out in the big city. My friend and I eagerly head for the bar. It's quarter to eleven, and the night is just beginning.

'I'll have a glass of house red,' I say, opting for the cheapest option on the menu. I've yet to start working, and my Canadian bank account is dwindling fast.

'Sorry, last call was fifteen minutes ago.' The bartender's bored with me already. '

What?' I look at my watch. Has time suddenly shifted forward by three hours? Surely no pub would close at 11!

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