Saturday, January 3, 2009

Woman Gives Birth at London Underground

What a way to start your life: on a platform for the London Tube. In my four years as a commuter on the underground, I've seen people vomiting; peeing; snogging; spitting; screaming; fainting and even proposing marriage on the platform -- but I've never seen someone give birth!

From The Guardian:

A woman gave birth on the London underground's Jubilee line after her waters broke unexpectedly. Julia Kowalska got off the train at Kingsbury station but went into labour on the platform.

When paramedics arrived they decided there was not enough time to get her to hospital so moved her to a station supervisor's office where they delivered a healthy baby girl 35 minutes after she raised the alarm on 19 December.

The only other recorded birth on the tube was in 1924, when Marie Cordery was born at Elephant & Castle, according to Transport for London.

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