Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WAG: The Unexpected

I've missed out on the past two-ish WAGs due to, well, a basic lack of organisation... but I'm back! This will be short and sweet, though, as I've just written 3000 words and I'm brain-dead!

Today's WAG topic:
“Unexpected”. Surprise is the hardest thing to fake (in real life and in fiction), but something essential to a well-written story. So observe (or imagine) someone who is experiencing something they didn’t see coming. It can be something big or small. Sometimes the smallest surprises have the biggest impact!

She sat down at her desk and, as always, looked out the window to the street outside. But something was not quite right.

Where was it?

Her eyes scanned the pavement, searching frantically back and forth. Her mouth formed a silent O and she rose with disbelief.

This could not be happening. She blinked, but when her eyes opened nothing had changed.

The rubbish bin was gone. GONE! Disappeared into the night, along with its hidden treasures so frequently searched for by those who sought she knew not what. Now, she would never know. Now, she'd have to do more work instead of indulging in free rubbish-bin entertainment.

Now, life would never be the same.

(Yes, I miss my RUBBISH BIN! RIP, rubbish bin.)

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Girl Fren' said...

Amazing! People pinch rubbish bins? Sorry you had to go back to work instead of watching pickers. Blah Tuesday!

J. M. Strother said...

I've never been emotionally attached to a rubbish bin. I think it was taken by the same type that steal the entire ATM machine. That way they can go through it looking for those treasures at their leisure. ;)

Caroline said...

I'm feeling a sense of disbelief as well! Stealing a rubbish bin? That would certainly be an irritating and unpleasant surprise.

India Drummond said...

Goodness! I am going to miss hearing about the bin. I am still holding out hope the city just took it away to repaint it!