Thursday, June 3, 2010

Arts Mentoring: Launch Party!

I'm in an utter disbelief that it's actually June! And for once, London weather seems to be co-operating. After a week or so of being plunged back into winter, we've emerged into the light: pale, blinking and stunned. The sun is shining, people are going crazy with shorts... I hope it lasts!

This Saturday night, The Man and I will be putting on our finery (if I can find some) and heading down to Westbourne Grove for the launch party of the Arts Mentoring Charity. I can't wait -- it's going be a blast and it's for a great cause; who could ask for more? If you're in London and want to get a ticket, go here.

Here's some more information on the charity:

Arts Mentoring is a new charity set up by 3 Notting Hill residents who wanted to bring the joy of the arts to children around the world who have not had the chances we’ve had. We decided to do something about this and Arts Mentoring is the outcome. We will be raising funds and recruiting artists to spend time in orphanages bringing their own talents and enthusiasms to those children.
By ‘arts’ we mean everyone involved in artistic expression from singers, to actors, to painters, photographers, musicians but not limited to these at all!

At Artsmentoring we know we have had the luxury of personal experience in the arts and have always been keen supporters but we know that these experiences are not typical for millions of children around the world and in the UK and it was time to help change this. Children whose lives are hard can find joy through the arts as they see another side to life, have a chance to express themselves and learn skills that may change their lives.

See you there!