Monday, August 24, 2009

New Beginnings

Back at the desk today, I finished sketching out an outline for a new novel. Yes, it's number 5, and no, none of the previous 4 have been published (not counting my non-fiction). To some, this might be depressing. But strangely, it doesn't really bother me -- much.

Of course I don't want my fiction to waste away in the dust-laden corners of my desk. But I'm not giving up on them entirely. The last two still need some thorough editing; in fact, I just received a very detailed (and very helpful!) report from the Romantic Novellist's Association with some great advice for my latest effort. And sometimes I think novels just need to sit for awhile, so sit they shall.

It's always fun to let a new idea bounce around your brain, to see if it has legs. It's disappointing when it doesn't, but when it does... I love the buzz that happens as you sketch out the turning points, the conflicts; the tension when you finally sit down to begin chapter one.

New beginnings. They're the best!


Mark said...

Hello - came over here from Grumpy Ken's.

A lady who worked with me used to write in her spare time. When I asked her why, she said,'Because I want to be a published author.' The wrong motivation, I thought.

I write seriously, but I seldom think much about publishing. It's the process that I love most.

And I don't see why blogs can't be about good writing too.

Good luck with your 5th novel

Marsha said...

Well said, Mark! Thanks!