Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Toast, Ostrich and Bran Flakes

When I'm writing, getting hungry is just plain annoying. These days, as I'm trying to get through a seemingly endless (albeit interesting) stream of information, I really can't be bothered to fiddle around in the kitchen, let alone leave my flat for supplies. So, I usually end up eating something cobbled together from various leftovers in the kitchen. This week, I think, I hit an all-time low.

Yesterday I had dried ostrich meat.

OK, so it was biltong from South Africa, brought home (and forgotten) by The Man, but still. What's worse is that I actually mixed the meat with the one remaining egg we had left to scramble. Sounds disgusting but actually, it wasn't too bad.

Today I resorted to toast sprinkled with Worcestershire sauce, since we were sans butter. And then there were the days last week when I plundered the (generic) Bran Flakes, tearing through the large box at the speed of light.

I think I need to get out more.


Nancy J. Parra said...

Oh, dear...LOL

I thought I was bad. :)

Next time you're at the store stock up on chocolate. I keep it hidden in my office.


Lulu said...

Please ... go to the grocery store. I get a queasy stomach just reading about your recent repasts.

Is Worcestershire sauce on toast unique to you or a Brit thing? I don't think you are as big on peanut butter as we are in the States - but have you ever considered jam?

Very, very funny.

KimB said...

Starvation in the midst of plenty...

I must admit to hating getting up to use the privy when I'm in the midst of something and on a role, but getting up to eat I'm happy to do.