Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Dreaded Form

Months after I originally started researching my application for British Citizenship, I still haven't submitted the form. Why? A combination of procrastination, lack of funds, and... fear of forms.

I hate filling in forms of any kind, especially those with the designated boxes for each letter. I have a 'form phobia', I guess. My hand-writing has always been notoriously messy -- in primary school, I almost missed the school-bus once because I had to stay behind to practise the letter 'q'. Then there was the day I was deemed 'bright as a button, but oh, so messy.' (Yes, I am traumatized.) So being forced to constrain my letters within the neat lines of a box is scary.

I'm also petrified of making a mistake. What if I miss something out? What if I spell something wrong? This fear goes all the way back to when I was completing my university applications -- rumours were rife of people getting rejected simply because they wrote outside a box.

I hate forms. Forms hate me. We are not companionable. And if I ever want to be a British citizen, I need to face the dreaded form with the pen as my sword.


dan powell said...

I am in the process of applying to be a supply teacher again and have a million and one forms to fill in to prove I am not and have never been a criminal. The tower of paper I have to fill in taunts me every time I sit down to write. Totally with you on this one.

Marsha said...

Dan, I feel your pain. I used to supply teach in London. And I recruited teachers for supply teaching, as well. Oh, the endless paperwork... and FORMS!