Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Regents Canal Cruise

A few weeks ago now, The Man and I -- along with my step-daughter -- took a lovely cruise along Regents Canal. It was quiet and peaceful and in some places you've never actually believe you were in London at all! Until you get to Camden Market, that is..

Starting out in Little Venice.

Passing canal-side mansions.

One of the many boats on our way.

Shops in Camden Market.

Fishy pedicure. Yuck!

Interesting seating arrangement in Camden Market!


Jen said...

I'd like one mansion please :)

Beautiful pictures!!! I love them, makes me feel like I was there... minus the fish pedicure, that seriously just freaks me out!

Marsha Moore said...

Thanks Jen!

I know - disgusting pedicure, eh? It's apparently the trend over here now!

Jude said...

Great pictures. I haven't been to Little Venice. I must visit next time I have a day in London. Not sure I could do the pedicure though without a lot of embarrassing high-pitched squealing!

Manic Expressive said...

We took the boat from Little Venice to the London Zoo! It was great. That pedicure, however, does not look great.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I am so ignorant re London, your blog really educates me. i must go to London again. Only been about four times in my life!

Ann said...

A friend of mine from the university took a canal boat holiday in England a few years ago. It sounded such fun. Your photos brought that back to mind. It looks wonderful. I must revisit the idea when I am home next summer.

Not sure I am brave enough to indulge in the fishy pedicure though.

chinatour.com said...

what's those ? motorblike or ?

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