Friday, December 11, 2009

If Your Desk Could Talk

If your desk had the power of words, what would it say about you?

Mine would say that I stare out the window a lot, write three or four words, jiggle my leg, check the Internet, then leave... and repeat, ad nauseum. It would certainly comment that I dress for the Arctic, clad in three or four layers, wrapped in a blanket and huddled next to a heater (it's cold in the office in the morning!). It would note that I seem inordinately annoyed by a barking dog every day at 11 a.m., and it would beg me note to eat chocolate whilst typing because it doesn't like to be covered in melting chocolate goo.

My desk.

But luckily, desks can't talk (newsflash, I know). So is a picture really worth a thousand words? Looking at this photo, it would seem I am a fairly neat person. And while I do like order, I have no idea what is in that pile of papers to left -- in fact, that pile has been there for the past year or so (in varying heights). Luckily, the corner desk is quite large so I have a lot of room to spread out. To the extreme right, I have a glass full of pens and pencils because even though I use my laptop, I like to feel there are writing utensils nearby!

What would your desk say?


wormauld said...

my desk shows lack of room, many postcards and that I like writing and stationery a lot. The only writing I do is letters and a journal.I'm also well wrapped up so that all my pension doesn't go on the gas. I love your blog which I found only today.Daphne

A Heron's View said...

My desk is probably panting for breath and choking from clutter, so in between gasps. It would tell of being used at odd times of the day, of clouds of pipe smoke, of new notes amid old notes.
It would also want to know why he is wearing a hat or even naked at the keyboard ?

Your blog is great! I return often to see what you are up to...

Warm regards,

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I don't use a desk, but if my chair could talk it would say, "Lose some weight, fatty, and get off me occasionally to go exercise."

I have such a rude, obnoxious chair. I don't know why I put up with it really.

Deniz Bevan said...

Great post! Let me see if I can do one...

Marsha Moore said...

Thanks Daphne! Glad you're enjoying the blog. And thanks for dropping by often, Heron! Um... would want to know why you're naked at the keyboard? Or perhaps I don't... :)

Karen, you really need to get rid of that chair.

Deniz, I read your blog on your notebook! Loved it!

Lisa Ansell said...

My desk once got its own mention in a health and safety report, citing it as a fire hazard, and a hazard with high potential for injury. I was v proud.